Jakaranda's guide to shopping in Taksim

Shopping in Taksim

Shopping in Taksim, Istanbul is a great experience that goes beyond the act of buying. Walking down Istiklal Street, you'll find a number of high street brands and some local Turkish stores that provide excellent alternatives. But you're also surrounded by tens of activities.

Strolling through Taksim for your holiday shopping? You might want to take some time out with a Turkish ice cream, or drop into a cafe to take a quick break. Visiting in the winter months? Then pause your Taksim shopping experience with a bag of roasted chestnuts to boost your shopping-spree energy.

So, once you've booked your room at Jakaranda Boutique Hotel, you're a few seconds away from Istiklal Street - the main hub of life in Istanbul. A cross-section of Turkish society awaits you there as you see people from all walks of life...

Some Turkish brands you won't find abroad

The Turkish textiles industry has provided most Western brands with high-quality manufacturing, but Turkish brands are also of great appeal to both men and women. Koton is a reasonably priced fashion brand for men and women, located on 54 İstiklal Caddesi.

İnci make some marvellous smart and shoes and have two branches in Beyoğlu. The first is in the Demirören shopping centre and the other at the Asmalı Mescid end of İstiklal Caddesi at number 272.

Hotiç are also worth a visit, on 153 İstiklal Caddesi.

Don't miss the "Pasaj"

There are many enclosed shopping "passages" off İstiklal Caddesi with shops that sell great jewellery, souvenirs, casual clothing, posters and vintage clothing. Atlas Pasajı, Markiz Pasajı, Beyoğlu (Halep) Pasajı and Aznavur Pasajı are the ones you should check out.

Vintage stores

If you're a nostalgic traveller then be sure to visit By Retro in Suriye Pasajı, located across Santa Maria church and Pied de Poule, on Çukurcuma Yokuşu, a steep hill in Galatasaray.